Day by day we work to help our guests to find the best apartment of the region where cleanliness, comfort, and practicality meet hospitality and tranquility.

We are happy to meet you 20 kms from Szeged, in the centre of Mórahalom. The street of the apartments is calm, but still very close to the entrance of St. Erzsébet Spa. Our apartments can be a nice venue for a short or long holiday in Mórahalom any time of the year.


Oasis Residence

A well equipped apartment with its own terrace. A real residence for at most, 3 people.

Oasis Funny

A ground floor apartment for 2 with its own terrace and a smile inducing motif.

Oasis Mini

A real nook for 2, which has all the necessary conveniences. Comes with a communal smokers' terrace.

Oasis Sunny

A big family apartment with a nice terrace and cozy furniture. Accomodates 4 people and has its own terrace.

Oasis Sky 1

Close to the sky, this attic studio apartment is recommended for younger visitors. Accomodates 2, comes with a shared smokers' terrace.

Oasis Sky 2

An attic apartment with spectacular interior for 4 people. The smokers' terrace is shared.

All our apartments have own well-equipped kitchen, bathroom with a shower, LED TV and many practical solutions. Oasis “Sunny” and Oasis “Mini” can be connected to each other,which makes the ideal for big families or companies. This way altogether 6 people can enjoy a 2 room apartment at the same time, separately, but still together.

Type of the accommodation: private accommodation.

Number of NTAK registartion: MA19020078, MA19007524