Wellnes garden

Relax in the Oasis Wellness Garden and listen to the endless singing of parrots and garden birds!

We are waiting for you with a Kneipp Trail, an infrared and a Finnish sauna, a salt cabin, a garden shower, a playground and a covered seating area!

The garden is open from 08:00 until 20:00

Fee of the use of sauna and salt cabin: 3,000 HUF / hour

The sauna and the salt cabin can be used after pre-registration, the residents of 1 apartment can rent it at the same time, so we can ensure the private nature of the use.

The Kneipp Trail is a themed route that you have to walk barefoot so you can massage your feet while walking. Walking barefoot on different surfaces improves the sense of balance, has a beneficial effect on our posture, helps prevent the development of goosefoot and spinal deformities. Thematic pathways stimulate the reflex zones of our feet, thus having a beneficial effect on the whole body.